News: SEA merges with Samso Energy Academy


The Samso Energy Agency is too small to carry its financial overhead. The work continues as usual.


The Samso Energy Agency (SEA), founded in 2005, was instrumental to the creation of the Samso Energy Academy. SEA started in 2005 in the project named ARTECLAND together with the Tenerife Energy Agency and Energy Agency Iceland. The project was partially funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. Since then, SEA has participated as a partner in several EU projects (Inres, Energy Ambassadors, Promise).


As a result of the EU work, SEA has been able to build a body of knowledge, which has long term durability. SEA has created online courses and a textbook, documented on this website (Courses, Textbook). To preserve this documentation, and to keep it accessible, the website will continue to live.


With only one or two employees, indirect costs owing to accounting, IT, licenses, fees, etc., have become a burden. Furthermore, SEA cannot get the tax (VAT) refunded anymore, and that amounts to 25% in Denmark. The management boards of the two organisations have made a business decision to merge the two, and thereby save some indirect costs. Project work continues as usual, but now under the Samso Energy Academy as the continuing organisation.





Jan Jantzen

26 Feb 2014



  • SEA means Samso Energy Agency
  • SEA provides information, advice, and training on energy management
  • SEA raises awareness on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources
  • SEA provides a platform for all local stakeholders to meet and develop common projects on energy
  • SEA acts locally and regionally (activities)
  • SEA is a private non-profit, non-governmental organisation  
  • SEA is part of the European network ManagEnergy (link)
  • SEA is part of the Samso Energy Academy (home page)







Acknowledgement: The first three years of its existence 2005 - 2008, the SEA was partially funded by the EU programme Intelligent Energy Europe together with the Central Denmark Region, the Samso municipality, and the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority.


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